Mary Verdick - Author
Mary Verdick - Author
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8"Indian Time" - The Plot:
Liz Sawyer, a survivor from a disastrous marriage, goes to New Mexico with her young daughter Cokey to spend the summer at her parents' ranch resort.  There she renews acquaintance with childhood friend Maria Valdez, a passionate advocate of all things Indian, and also meets Clyde Hawkins, a talented Indian artist, who's working at the lodge as manager.
Liz and Clyde are instantly drawn to each other, but because of their widely different backgrounds--she a graduate of Eastern schools and he a product of the San Tomás pueblo--conflict arises almost at once.   Liz, after her unhappy first marriage, is leery of getting involved, and Clyde, who had once been married to an Anglo, is equally cautious.
Then, too, the Indian culture, with its colorful dances, and in Liz's view, its strange beliefs, poses a very real problem. 
Can these two basically decent people, Liz and Clyde, find happiness despite their different lineages, and triumph over what seem to be impossible odds?  The result is a novel that cuts to the heart of human passions and spiritual aspirations.
Novel by Mary Verdick-Mystery | Intrigue | Romance:  Indian Time
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