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Mary Verdick - Author
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Author - Mary Verdick
Mary Verdick, an ex-teacher and editor, Mary is the author of several adult novels and numerous short stories and books for children. She lives in Middletown, Connecicut, and is busy at work on.another novel. 
"Another Place  Another Time"
"Indian Time", "Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By","Maybe This Time", "As Long as He Needs Me", "That Certain Summer", and her latest, "Another Time, Another Place" are available at thousands of bookstores nationwide.

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Quite by accident, Meggie Dawson stumbles across an amazing stick as pointing her in the right direction. She is desperately in love with her stepbrother, Josh Hawkins, no relation, and he loves her too. But feeling a call from God, he leaves their Connecticut home and becomes a priest, joins the Jesuits, and is sent to Africa as a missionary. Meanwhile, Meggie, although heartbroken, marries Josh’s best friend, Ben Brown; has three children; and is reasonably happy. Until Josh, finally realizing he can’t change the world, leaves the priesthood after twenty-five years and goes home, hoping to return to the arms of Meggie, who is sorely tempted. It is an absorbing tale of faith and love, with more than a touch of magic. [ Also See: ]

Book:  That Certain Summer By Author Mary Verdick
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Indian Time
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Maybe This Time
Book:  As Long As He Needs Me By Author Mary Verdick
Book:  Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By By Author Mary Verdick
Novel-Indian Time by Mary Verdick: Different lineages- Impossible odds?
Book:  Maybe This Time By Author Mary Verdick